Bluegrass Underground


“Folks, a lot of you have requested that
we play “Somewhere Else,”
but I’m sorry, we don’t know that one.”

–John Flynn

I love PBS.  When I was much younger we always referred to it as the educational chanel which wasn’t terribly hip.  Then I became a mom and as much as I hate to admit it, sometimes you just need something to get your child’s attention other than you.  So, Lorien and Ray watched a lot of Sesame Street and other kids shows on PBS.  Then I discovered that there were a lot of great shows on PBS.

I remember all the “Mystery!” shows, a lot of the “Masterpiece Theatre” shows and loved “All Creatures Great And Small”.  Then there was “Austin City Limits” which at the time played a lot of the music I loved including Willie Nelson, some bluegrass bands and even some rock stars and jazz and blues.

Recently I saw an advertisement for “Bluegrass Underground”.  I really didn’t know what to expect but Bluegrass is my favorite music, followed by blues, ragtime, ballads and jazz. The movie “O, Brother” brought bluegrass music into the minds of many who had never heard it and so there has been a revival of sorts of folks interested in bluegrass music.  But I digress.

“Bluegrass Undergound” is literally bluegrass music played underground. Here is the introduction to the show:

“The Cumberland Caverns are a 3.5 million-year old, 32-mile long system. The entry to the Volcano Room passes a waterfall & sparkling pool. Over 300-ft. deep, the venue has a 40-ft. ceiling and is nearly acoustically perfect. Musicians and guests alike marvel at the look & sound and a truly eclectic gathering of authentic Americana, Roots and Bluegrass acts make up the Bluegrass Underground series.”

What a great show!  We’ve got a bunch of them recorded and tonight we watched The Allison Brown Quartet.

If you love really great, fun music, check out “Bluegrass Underground”.

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