The Greatest Prayer


“The greatest prayer is patience”
The Buddha

We live in a world where things can happen so quickly that when things happen at a natural pace we become frustrated, irritable and may even feel overwhelmed.  When I look at the intricacies of mandalas like the one above, I am reminded of two things.  First, it took a long time for that azalea bush to grow to form such beautiful perfect flowers that I just had to take a photo.  Second, it took just a few seconds on my computer to turn that photo into this beautiful mandala.

I was getting so frustrated with the house hunting for Beth and her family because there is a really tight supply of houses right now in North Bend. . . unless you are buying a home and then they are like fleas on dogs in the Oklahoma summer!  Most of the houses for sale are very expensive and to my Oklahoma mind are way over-priced.  Our beautiful home in the woods would not sell in Oklahoma for what we paid for it here in North Bend even after all the remodeling and landscaping.  But we bought our home because is was so perfect for us that the moment we first saw in as we pulled into the driveway way, the first thing David said was, “Now that’s what I call a retirement home.”  It doesn’t get much better than that!

In our looking for a place for Beth and her family to rent our goals was the house would be a real home.  The goal for us was to create a chance for them to start over and love where they live so much that just living life is a blessing. We stumbled across the fact that there are some older, smaller homes for sale that no one is really looking at buying because the big, fancy, mini-mansions being built all over town for $500K and up is what everyone is trying to buy.  We are going to look at a smaller house today that is older and we can afford.  It is really cute inside and we can make it cute outside too.

So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a win-win and going to try the greatest prayer on for size as we navigate this new idea.

Now for a little “Home Sweet Home”
by some fellas from David’s original homeland:

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