How Many Problems Do You Have?

Mollie in younger cleaner times.

Mollie in younger cleaner times.

“The problem is not that there are problems.
The problem is expecting otherwise and
thinking that having problems is a problem.”
― Theodore Rubin

Some days things go so great you can’t imagine why you thought you had any problems.  Other days things go very differently and you feel overwhelmed with problems.  I come from a very strong Christian background and a lot of my family and friends talk about giving it all up to God.  Well I have yet to live in a house where God does the laundry, washes the dishes, or cleans up the goofy little dog who is having a lot of diarrhea and spreading it wherever she goes.

I was so upset today with this that I started railing at the Universe (call if God if you want).  Here’s the conversation we had:

“What next to keep me from writing?” I moaned out loud.
“Why nothing.  The dog’s shit doesn’t keep you from writing.”
“But it is all over the place and a big mess.  I can’t write with that!” I was sure this was a valid point.
Not so.  The answer was, “You keep you from writing.  The dog can’t change how her butt is leaking all over the place.”
“But this is a mess.  I can’t write with this mess.”
The Universe answered, “Then clean it up.”
“But I want to write.”
“Then write.”

I even checked the app on my phone to see if there was any chance David was on his way home.  He left an hour ago for an all day advenutre but might have turned around. But of course he didn’t. So I bathed the dog and clipped a bunch of hair that was disgustingly matted with her fecal discharge and then cleaned up the sink, cleaned up the sofa, cleaned up the carpet, stripped the bed and took a shower.

And then I wrote. It was marvelous.

So the dog wasn’t the problem after all.

You think you have problems?  How many?  99?

Watch this video about 99 problems.




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