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Me doing the paperwork for our new A-Line Chalet Travel Trailer

Me doing the paperwork for our new A-Line Chalet Travel Trailer

David and I have always loved to drive and travel and talk.  We solve all the World’s problems and occasionally share the answers. . . for what that’s worth.

Lately we have both been aware of a need to get on about our adventures and discover more while we still can drive about.  So, today we went to the Seattle RV Show with the intent to look at our choices in small trailer campers that would be easily towed by our Chevy Traverse to help us take several mini-vacations throughout the year as well as to take a couple of long road trips each year.  We wanted to be able to take advantage of camping in US Forestry Services campgrounds without having to lay on the ground in a tent.  We also have gotten rather tired of the Motel scene which varies from nice to slightly better than sleeping in the car.  So off to the show we went.

We saw some great possibilities there among the old reliable standbys.  Finally we got the list down to two possible choices. First,  a little tear drop trailer–T@B— that came in a dizzying array of colors from bright turquoise to candy apple red (my favorite). But David couldn’t stand up in the trailer and he kind of pissed off the salesman when he called it a “Barbie travel trailer.”  Second (the one we bought) is a Chalet trailer.  Not only is it cute–not Barbie cute but cute enough–and David can stand up inside.  The best part is that it has a low enough profile that we will be able to store it in the garage instead of paying for storage someplace else.

So, coming soon, to a forest park near no one in particular, David, Glenda, Mollie and Lucy.  More adventures for us.

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