Water Your Own Grass

“You may think the grass is greener
On the other side, but if you take
The time to water your own grass
It would be just as green.”

“The grass is always greener over the septic tank.”
–Erma Bombeck

Red Rhododendren in our front yard.

Red rhododendron in our front yard.


You say, “You are so lucky!”
And I say, “Yes I am.”
You say, “You have so much!”
And I say, “Yes I do.”

You say, “I wish I had as much as you.”
And I say, “You can. Just ask for it
And work for it as long as it takes.”
Luck, like life is what you make it.

I try not to be irritated when others suggest that the life I have is totally a matter of luck.  It negates my hard work.  It negates my vision of what I wanted in this life.  It implies that perhaps I don’t deserve it or that if chance had been kinder to them I would be the one doing without what I want in life.

What I can tell you about how I came to be so lucky and have the things in my life I wanted is that I asked for them, I planned for them and I worked really, really hard for them.  I made my own luck.  My life continues to be joyful and bountiful and beautiful.  My life is what it is because I put forth the effort; I asked for what I wanted and I expected to be able to provide the energy to have the life I wanted.

Someone told me that God would give them what they needed and that it was not right to ask for what you want.  This may be but my gut feeling is that when Jesus said, “Ask and you shall receive” he did not stutter, he did not waver, he did not say, “Maybe you’ll get what you need and want and maybe you won’t.”  He said, “Ask and you shall receive”.

So when I ask, I ask for precisely what I want.  Then I work hard to make it happen with the resources I have.  It may take some time and certainly takes a lot of my personal effort but I generally get exactly what I asked for.  I do not expect someone else to just hand it to me on a platter, however.  I expect I may even have to make the platter before I give it to myself..  There is no luck involved in getting lucky in life.

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