Wear White On Election Day For A Brighter Future!

Marti Loving Hot Chocolate, photo by Glenda Clemens 2015

Marti Loving Hot Chocolate,
photo by Glenda Clemens 2015

I want a bright future for my granddaughters!

“I declare to you that woman
must not depend upon
the protection of man,
but must be taught
to protect herself,
and there I take my stand.”
― Susan B. Anthony

On November the 8th, 2016 I’m wearing white to assure a better future for my granddaughters. We have an opportunity to vote for a woman for President of the United States who has spent her entire life working for the protection, health, well-being and rights of women and children. We also have the opportunity to vote for misogynist, tax-evading man who publicly states that it is OK to grab women by their pussies and kiss them without permission because he is a rich, powerful and famous man. That sentence is all I’m going to say about this vile man.

What I want to talk with you about today is women’s right to vote. The right to vote, which should have been ours all along, was granted to us in 1920 with the 19th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. This means that we women in America have had the right to vote for less than 100 years! Yet many women still do not vote. Sometimes, I feel, that we take for granted our right to vote (and many other rights we have fought so hard for). Women were beaten and were sometimes force fed when they went on hunger strikes while marching and writing and verbally demanding their right to vote. Some of these actions were seen as proof by the male leadership that women did not think clearly or rationally enough to be given the vote.

“There never will be
complete equality until
women themselves
help to make laws
and elect lawmakers.”
― Susan B. Anthony

The suffragettes often wore white when marching to show their innocent belief that this was a right they should have had all along. History shows us that innocent belief is often beaten down and trod upon. This is certainly what happened with the suffragettes who work so very hard and some even sacrificed their lives so that we women, in 2016, could choose who we wanted to be our political leaders. There are lots and lots of photos on the internet that I could copy and paste and use in this post but I’ve chosen instead to use a photo of one of my granddaughters. I’ve done this because I want all of us to be fully aware of the importance of this presidential election and the legacy we leave our daughters and granddaughters.

“That we have the vote
means nothing.
That we use it in the right way
means everything.”
― Lou Henry Hoover

I’m wearing white on November the 8th even though I probably won’t leave my house. I’ve already voted for Hillary Clinton for President. I loved knowing that I was voting for who I believe will be the first woman President of the United States of America. Is she the perfect candidate? No. Do I wish Bernie Sanders had won the Democratic Party nomination? Yes. So, why am I voting for her? Is it simply because I’m a woman and so is she? No. It is because, as Lou Henry Hoover exhorted us, my vote means everything to me and I am compelled to use my vote in the right way. I voted for Hillary Clinton not because she is a woman but because she is an experienced, smart and hard-working woman who has the back of every woman and child in our country and around the world. She doesn’t take us for granted; she works for us. She doesn’t want to violate our bodies; she wants to keep strong laws protecting us. She doesn’t want our families to continue to struggle with the financial inequities of our current system; she wants to help us all by reforming the tax codes. She doesn’t want us to go deep in debt in order to educate ourselves and our children; she wants there to be affordable and even free education for everyone through the first four years of college.

“I thought I had been a suffragist
before I became a Poor Law Guardian,
but now I began to think about the vote
in women’s hands not only as a right
but as a desperate necessity.”
― Emmeline PankhurstMy Own Story

I feel that we are at a perilous crossroads where we can follow the vile, corrupt, money grubbing or we can rise up and as women own the legacy of the suffragettes and thereby create a more stable and woman friendly future for our daughters and granddaughters. So, yes, I’m asking you to wear white on November 8th, 2016 to not only honor the women who came before us assuring us the right to vote but for our innocent daughters and granddaughters to assure them the right to vote and stand for what they believe in for their futures.

I’m with Hillary Clinton!
I want the future bright for all women
For all children and
Yes, for all men as well.

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